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The Angelic Life.

Oh, if man would only lift his mind above this earthly realm to the heavenly Jerusalem, to the inconceivable beauty of paradise where the finite, earthly mind ceases to operate!

Elder Ephraim of Philotheou and Arizona

If here in exile, in this accursed land of weeping, our holy God has given us so much beauty to enjoy, I wonder how much there will be in the place where God Himself dwells! Truly, "the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the coming glory and bless." Theosis (divinization) (is a participation in the uncreated grace of God) Theosis in the heavens my child - Theosis is all that matters! There the Lord our God will remove every tear from our eyes, and do away with all sorrow and pain and sighing,

For there the angelic way of life reigns, and the only work is to chant hymns and spiritual odes!

An eternal Sabbath is prepared for us where we shall live in joy with our Father, God, Who is waiting for us to be ready so that He may call us to Him forever! There every saved soul will live in an ocean of love, sweetness, joy, amazement, and wonder!

A time will come, the hour will strike, the moment will arrive for these eyes to close and for the soul's eyes to open. Then we shall see a new world, new beings, a new creation, a new life without end. Its title is:

"Infinite Immortality,"

the great homeland, incorruptible and everlasting - the heavenly Jerusalem, the mother of the firstborn, where redeemed souls, which have been washed of their impurity by the blood of the innocent Lamb, will dwell for ages of ages! Who is able to express in words or with a pen the joy, the exaltation, the bliss of those blessed saved souls? Blessed are they who have died in the Lord, for the riches of God's goodness awaits them.

+ Glory to God for All Things +

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Jul 26, 2022

Glory forever!

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