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Lord Don't Make Me Well.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Give me the best. Make me Holy. If you wonder 'Where should I start?' Perhaps right here. This post is a compilation of sayings that have been with me from the beginning. During time of fear, tears, and wondering 'what happens next?' Begin here. Don't stay here. Move onward, forward, and upwards. In being made holy - God heals us entirely, our body, and most importantly our soul.

I do not pray for God to make me well, I pray for Him to make me holy. I am certain that God knows that I am in pain. But I pray for my soul, for God to forgive, cure and heal all my sins. - St. Porphyrios

How can you find out if you are living within the will of God? Here's the sign: if you are troubled about anything this means that you have not completely given yourself over to the will of God. A person who lives in the will of God is not concerned over anything. And if he needs anything, he gives both it and himself over to God. And if he does not receive the necessary thing, he remains calm nevertheless as if he had it. The soul which is given over to the will of God is afraid of nothing, not of thunder, nor of thieves, nothing. But whatever happens, he says, 'Thus it pleases God.' If he is sick, he says: this means that I need to be sick or else God would not have given it to me, thus peace is preserved in both soul and body. - St. Silouan the Athonite

I am Your God, the One who arranges everything, and it is not by accident that you find yourself in the place where you are. - St. Seraphim of Sarov

We must be prepared to accept the will of God. The Lord permits all sorts of things to happen to us contrary to our will, for if we always have it our way, we will not be prepared for the Kingdom of Heaven. Neither heaven nor earth will receive those who are self-willed. God has a Divine Plan for each one of us, and we must submit to His plan. We must accept life as it is given to us without asking 'Why me?' We must know that nothing on earth or in heaven ever happens without the will of God or His permission. We must not become too engrossed with our hardships but concentrate on preserving inner peace. Even when we are praying for something, we are trying to force our will instead of accepting God's. All hardships and sorrows that God sends us are necessary for us, but we do not understand this when we are young. When we are older then we understand that this is the way God shows His love for us. Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

God loves us very much, He has us in mind in every moment, and He protects us . We should know this and not be afraid of anything. - St. Porphyrios

If you say, 'Thy will be done,' do not worry anymore. And if you and Him the ship of your life, do not be afraid of drowning, for He will guide you and bring you to safety. Have patience. Patience is the strongest medicine that heals great and long-lasting trials. - St. Paisios

+ Glory to God for All Things +

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