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I. Me. Mine. (me)

There is no greater evil than egotism. It gives birth to all temptations and troubles, and woe to whomever it entangles - it will deform him.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona and Philotheou - Mt. Athos

Only the good disciple will make his soul angelic with spiritual beauty. Do not let time pass unfruitfully, for the yarn is being wound, and suddenly we shall hear:

Put your house in order, for you will die. You will live no longer!

Strike egotism with all your might; learn humility. Work with contrition, with mourning, with the fragrance of humility. Only deeds which have humility will be rewarded. The deeds poisoned by egotism and self-will, will be taken by the four winds and scattered like rubbish, and we shall be left empty-handed. Let us come to our senses. Let us rejoice with the unadulterated love of Christ, for passionate souls will not enter into the heavenly Jerusalem. Only pure souls will enter there with joy and delight.

Egotism, this evil wickedness, has caused all the sufferings of man.

Indeed, humility is holiness!

Glory to Thee Our God

+ Glory to Thee for All Things! +

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03 déc. 2022

Glory forever!

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